IT in my DNA

A few months ago I got a message on LinkedIn to “prove” I got IT in my DNA and win a Windows phone 7.

These where the prices:

  • 1-5: Windows Phone 7
  • 6-10: Mini laptop
  • 11-20: Entrance ticket for TechDays 2011
  • 21-30: Windows 7 licence
  • 31-40: TechNet subscription
  • 41-50: Fnac coupon of 50 €
  • 51-311: 250 books and 10×2 cinematickets

The first week I tried each day a few times, I think I got on place 4.

And after that I only played a few times, I saw the top 10 was getting faster and faster. A few weeks back I checked again and the top 20 was revealed.
At that time I saw myself on place 40+, time for really IT (reflecting it and so hacking it), but a week later (had no time to reflect it) I saw myself on place 20+. Hmm, the cheaters where removed? So I thought I’m just going to let it be and we will see on which spot I will end.

And so what did I found in my mailbox yesterday: Kraak de code : Kijk snel of je gewonnen hebt (free translated: crack the code: look quick to see if you won).

I won 1 of the 5 Windows Phone 7’s (a HTC 7 Trophy). It will be handed over to me at the Awards Ceremony at the Microsoft Office at 21 feb 2011.
I’m also getting a tour at the offices and there will also be interviews and photos.

Thanks to TechNetMSDN-Microsoft Developer Network and

So don’t cheat or hack but play fair and own them all!

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