About this blog

I’m Tom Vervoort and I’m a .NET Software developer at Info Support.

By this blog I want to tell about my frustrations/problems or just handy things in the area of software/servers/coding and (hopefully) a way to solve the problems or just something about me.

Who am I?

My secondary school was Damiaan Instituut Aarschot (DIA) in which I got a diploma of Electricity/Electronics.

After that I studied NMCT at Howest which learned me develop in Java/VB.NET/C# and PHP.
We also learned to created websites (HTML/CSS, Java, PHP, ASP.NET), edit photos, create movies, a bit of electronics and some things about IT-infrastructure.

In 2010 I started as a .NET developer at Remmicom, a company creating software for local government.
In 2014 I joined AllPhi, a small consultancy company, for them I worked for 10 months at Randstadgroup.
In 2015, I joined Info Support, a consultancy company, for which I worked on multiple projects for ERA, Phlippo, RSC Anderlecht, Pro League, SD Worx, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, Merak NV, VLIR-UOS and KION


When I started developing professionally, I used VB.net and C#, mainly WPF/Silverlight and also some ASP.NET MVC. Yet this has changed to mainly C# with ASP.NET MVC and Angular 
I edited/fixed mods for minecraft (helping with bucket filler) which is Java.
And for phpBB.nl and a few other sites I administrated before, I need to use PHP.

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