I finally worked at the website and here we are!

A month ago my laptop HDD broke, I couldn’t boot anymore. All my work from school was on it so I really thought I was screwed big time.
After a few hours hard disk checking it was only at 2%, not really good …
So I attached the broken HDD to my PC, and I could backup the second (data) partition, backing up the first (win7) partition was a bit worse. But I managed to recover some. Bought a new HDD and after a day I was up again.

But I was still worried about my work/projects for school and knew SVN was a good solution.
Thats why I installed Redmine and Subversion, found respectively at code.azure.m2tec.be and svn.azure.m2tec.be.
It probably needs some more tweaking, but it’s working.
It will become the main spot for my projects I’m working on, most private but also some public project.

This said, what can you guys expect finding here:
– programming solutions about things that are very hard to find.
– programming solutions of things found everywhere wrong (a good example will follow soon)
– (server/)software installation issues and its solutions
– a bit personal stuff
– …

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